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Morgan badge collecting has begun in earnest in the 1980s, when the number of Morgan clubs grew and with that the badges. The phenomenon of meeting-badges was introduced and the bigger clubs with several centres (in particular the Morgan Sports Car Club) issued an increasing number of centre-badges.


Collectors of the Morgan badges could be found all over the globe. The most enthusiastic of them even reached a collection of several hundreds of different ones.


One of these collectors was the late George Fink, who not only had 3 Morgans, but also an impressive collection of badges. His widow Kathy recently presented this picture, to use as a tribute to George on this webpage. Of course, the badges shown are just a small selection of his collection. There are some unusual badges between these.


The badges in the top row are, from left to right: GoMog Ottawa (Canada), 50 Years on Four Wheels (issued in 1986 by the Victorian centre of the Morgan Owners Club Australia; now hard to find), Morgan Sports Car Club Holland 30th Anniversary badge (2002); Hop Mog (Morgan Sports Car Club centre) 30th anniversary badge, 2004; Morgan Owners Group Great Lakes (Michigan) brass badge (rim text Morgan Owners Group).


In the centre row appear only 4 badges, but quite unusual ones, these being: ChanMog (Channel Islands centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club), the same badge also exists in a grille fitting version, without tab; an early Morgan Owners Group Northwest (north west USA/Canada) badge, the large oval Morgan Sports Car Club Japan badge, with the members' names engraved, to salute Morgan with their 75th anniversary in 1984;  another Morgan Sports Car Club centre badge (Durham & Northeast, NorMog), the 40th anniversary version.


The bottom row has 5 badges again, starting with another brass Morgan Owners Group Great Lakes badge. This is the version which has Great Lakes as text in the rim. The heavy brass badge next to it is an early Thames Valley (Morgan Sports Car Club) badge. In the centre appears a Morgan Enthusiasts Hamburg (Germany) badge. Sought after is the Spot Mog (Gloucestershire centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club) badge with the pig. Several versions of this badge have been made, this one being a quite early copy. The last badge appearing on the photo is the Wessex (Somerset) centre badege of the Morgan Sports Car Club.


This small selection at least gives beginning collectors an impression of what to hunt for.


Thanks to Kathy Fink for sharing this picture with us.



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